David Alen

Senior Software Developer



Undergraduate in Computer Science with 4 years of professional experience in nacional and international enterprises on development, architecture, infrastructure and software roadmap.


My main objective is to develop workspace experiences where teams can build better products that can enhance people's life. As complete professional, who understands tech and business requirements and can implement solutions in a variety of languages and technologies, I aim to help other people grow in their tech carrers through free mentoring and consultancy.


React, nodejs, typescript, mongodb, graphql, git, aws, docker, terraform, serverless

Profissional Experiences


Senior Software Engineer

may 2021 - current, through BairesDev nearshore program

Engineer responsible for setting and developing technical requirements.

Highlights: Solving scalability, maintenance and high complexity tasks. Lead maintainer of shared libraries. Training and mentoring junior developers. Presenting on brown bag sessions. Code best-practices evangelist.

Full-cycle activities: Front-end development, Back-end development, Code review, Test and Quality Assurance, Deploy and DevSecOps


Software Engineer

jan 2021 - may 2021, through Meta nearshore program

Engineer responsible to recieve and solve user feedback issues.


Feedback triage Front-end development Back-end development


Software Engineer

jun 2020 - jan 2021

Engineer responsible for aplying business requirements to the product.


Built the enterprise's MVP from scratch. Led the implementation of a high-functional schedule system under a short deadline.

Full-cycle activities:

Front-end development, Back-end development, Code review, Test and Quality Assurance, Deploy and DevOps


Software Engineer

aug 2018 - jun 2020

Engineer responsible for collecting client requirements and developing them for the product.


Unique developer in company, had to handle cross development of all products. Implemented all product features of 2019 and 2020.

Full-cycle activities:

Front-end development Back-end development Code review Test and Quality Assurance Deploy DevOps

Educational Background

University Feevale

Computer Science

jan 2017 - current

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Member of Feevale's Computer Science's Academic Directory

Student Mentor


Calculus mentoring for undergraduate students